Communication Contacts and Roles

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Summary: Reviews how to create and manage contacts for communication and Customer Portal access in Centime.

Manage Receivables: Manage Customer profiles, preferences and view history

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What is a Communication Contact? 

Communication contacts are contacts in Centime that are able to receive email reminders, workflow cadence reminders, and statements as well as access to your unique Customer Portal to make payments (if turned on).

Create a Communication Contact

Customer contacts can be created in two ways:

  1. Create a contact in your accounting system. From there, the contact will sync over to Centime under the Customer Profile. 
  2. Create a new contact in Centime. Create a contact directly from the Customer Profile. Contacts created in Centime will not sync back to the accounting system. 

Click into a customer to access a Customer Profile. In this example, our customer also happens to be an individual, John Melton.

From there, select the Contacts tab to view synced contacts for that Customer and to create new contacts. Contacts can be edited in Centime to have various roles for your collections process even if that functionality is not present in your accounting system (e.g. QuickBooks). Contacts created in Centime can also be deleted. 

Each contact can be assigned a role. Communication status is determined by the whether or not the assigned role has been designated as a Communication Contact role. 

Some role types are automatically assigned communication status when they sync in from the ERP:

QuickBooks Desktop: Company Contact

QuickBooks Online: Company Contact

NetSuite: Company Contact, Primary Contact

You can change the contact's role by editing the contact in the Customer Profile.

Create and Designate Communication Roles

To add or configure customer contact roles, navigate to Settings > Receivables > Customer contact roles. 

To change a role's communication contact status, click the pencil icon, select the status you want from the dropdown, and save.  

Any contacts that have a Communication Contact role will receive communications and Customer Portal access (if available) and a Communication Contact icon will appear next to their name in the Customer Profile. 

For QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks online, the only role that will sync in from your accounting system is the Company Contact. NetSuite users will have multiple contact roles that sync in. Regardless of which accounting system you are using, you can have up to 30 roles in Centime and configure communications accordingly. 

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