Planning receivables activity in cash plan

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This article explains how users can use the plan receivables section in the cash plan to plan and view the impact of their receivables activities.


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Planning receivables in Cash plan

Monitor cash and forecast cash flows

Plan receivables

Modifying/keeping the plan on invoice
Manage Receivables
Manage AR aging, invoice dates and statuses

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Accessing plan receivables in cash plan:

Users can access the 'Plan receivables' action from the 'Cash plan' tab in the Monitor cash and forecast cash flow solution.

Planning receivables:

  • Users can view the impact of their receivables activities on their cash flow from the availabel cash impact graphs.

  • Users can plan on an invoice by changing the expected date or the status of the invoice. When the expected date is changed, the cash impact graphs change accordingly to reflect the modified inflow date.

  • When a plan is saved on an invoice, the invoice is marked with a 'P' icon to indicate its planned status.

Users can view the plan and modifications done on an invoice from the 'Invoice history'.

Planned invoices in Manage Receivables:

Users can view the planned invoices in Manage Receivables. Planned invoices are indicated with a 'P' icon.

A Manage Receivables user with the necessary permissions can view the plan. Actions taken during planning the invoice are reflected on a planned invoice.

The user can also modify the plan by updating the expected date. This will change the plan and the 'P' icon will be dismissed.

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