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This article explains how users can use the KPIs dashboard to monitor their receivables performance.


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Selecting the category in Monitor KPIs

Users can select the desired category from the performance category drop down.

Receivables KPIs:

The receivables performance for a business is mapped through the following KPIs:

  • Collections effectiveness: This is the receivables collected in a given period vs total receivables available for collection

  • %Overdue: This is the indicator for receivables collected and uncollected late in a given period vs total receivables available for collection 

  • Days sales outstanding: This is the measure of how long it takes customers to pay an invoice. Users can use this metric to plan for cash inflow accordingly.

  • Average days past due: This is the average time taken for an invoice to get paid from its due date to its paid date

  • Turnover ratio: This is the measure of the number of times receivables are converted to cash in a given period

For the default time period selection, the users can also view the graph of their receivables performance.

For each graph, key metrics like collections due, collected on time, collected late, uncollected, and the corresponding customers and invoices for the selected period are tracked.

Users can also choose to view their receivables performance over time or by customers.

Time period selection:

Users can choose the time period to analyze the receivables performance. According to the time period selection, the KPIs are auto-calculated.

To compare performance over identical time periods, users can select the time period range from the 'Add time period' option. 

Selecting identical time periods (same range of months) to compare also gives the KPIs trend for the tracked indicators.

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