Release v2.49 - New Features & Fixes

Modified on Thu, 9 May at 1:55 PM

Release Date: 03.14.2024


AR Custom Fields 

Module: Accounts Receivable >> Area: Customer & Invoice tabs  >> Product theme: Collaboration and issue resolution >> Deliverable: AR Custom fields

  • What is the use case?  

    • Every business faces issues relating to Customers and Invoices. For example: product / service issues, installation issues, delivery disputes, accounts on hold, all of which are contextual to the business and their internal processes. 

    • Custom fields play two key roles in issue resolution in Centime:

      • Assigning internal team members to Customers and Invoices for example, Sales owners, CS owners, other non-AR team members.

      • Create a process & add detail to a Customer or Invoice for example, specific dispute reasons, or steps in their resolution process. 

    • AR and non-AR team members can effectively collaborate, access all relevant information and resolve issues in order to get paid faster. 

    • Custom fields can also be used for segmentation purposes but the primary need / market requirement is around collaboration and issue resolution.

  • Summary of update: 

    • Custom fields can be edited across Customers and Invoices and changes will sync back to NetSuite and Sage Intacct.

    • Editing custom fields can be completed across multiple Customers and Invoices at once using the bulk edit feature.

    • Note: QuickBooks do not support custom fields.

Additional resources: Knowledge base 

Payment failure explanations 

Module: Accounts Receivable >> Area: Customer portal >> Product theme: Payment optimization >> Deliverable: Payment failure explanations  

  • Use case: Provide confirmation to customers making payments on the Customer portal. This ensures customers don't get confused when attempting to make a payment. 

  • Summary of capabilities: 

    • Display payment success and failure toaster messages in Customer Portal.

    • In the case of a payment failure, the toaster will provide a reason.

ACH Discounts for Sage Intact 

Module: Accounts Receivable >> Area: Customer portal >> Product theme: Payment optimization >> Deliverable: ACH discount support for Sage intact 

  • Use case: ACH discounts are a tool to offset credit card fees. Rather than passing along the surcharge to your customers, motivate them to pay via ACH by offering them a discount.  

  • Summary of capabilities:

    • Ability to exclude ACH as a payment method.

    • Ability to provide X% discount for ACH payment.

    • ACH Discounts can be controlled based on the due date.

    • (These capabilities were previously available for NetSuite & QuickBooks)

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