Release v2.48 - New Features & Fixes

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Release date: 02.27.2024 


Key New Feature Launches


Module: Accounts Receivable >> Product theme: Streamlining AR payments >> Deliverable: Autopay

  • Use case: Waiting for customers to manually make payments can result in: Cash Flow Uncertainty, Increased Administrative Burden, Higher Risk of Late Payments and Bad Debts, and a Poor Customer experience.

  • Solution: With Centime’s Autopay solution, AR users can easily invite their Customers to opt in for Autopay. Customers can:

    • Control their payment method (ACH or card)

    • Clearly see what invoices are scheduled in the Customer portal

    • Apply credits 

    • Automatically take advantage of early payment discounts

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Supplier Portal

Module: Accounts Payables >> Area: Payments automation >> Product theme: Streamlining Supplier Management & Optimizing AP payments >> Deliverable: Supplier portal

  • Use case: Managing Suppliers at scale is challenging. Key problems include:

    • Difficulty securely managing supplier payment details, contact information, and documentation such as W9s

    • Limited visibility for suppliers regarding the status of their invoices, resulting in frequent inquiries and calls to the accounts payable (AP) team

    • Manual and ad-hoc processes for managing disputes and issues arising from invoice processing, leading to inefficiencies and delays

  • SolutionThe Supplier Portal streamlines Supplier management, assists the transition to electronic payments, and facilitates our client and their suppliers collaboration.

Feature Enhancements

Auto-coding transparency 

Module: Accounts Payables >> Area: Invoice automation >> Product theme: Enable Rapid Invoice Processing >> Deliverable: Auto-coding transparency and explainability

  • Summary of enhancement: As Centime provides AI-based coding automation to AP users, it’s important for Users to know when Centime has “auto-coded” a field. 

    • Auto-coded fields are highlighted with a blue outline and a tooltip appears on hover indicating the previous invoice where the coding was pulled 

  • Benefit: Everything is clear and explainable to the end user and Centime’s AI-baed coding automation is clearly communicated to users.

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Payment totals 

Module: Accounts Payables >> Area: Payments automation >> Product theme: Streamlining AP payments >> Deliverable: Payment totals 

  • Summary of enhancement: Centime to show total amounts (& invoice count) on the main table (Unpaid invoices, Paid invoices tab) and confirmation popups when users select invoices to take action on (Pay, Approve, Edit, Post etc).

  • Benefit: Easily facilitate the daily work of scheduling and approving payments by showing totals.

Customer Portal access

Module: Accounts Receivable >> Product theme: Streamlining AR payments >> Deliverable: Invite customers to the Customer portal & View only Customer Portal access 

  • Summary of enhancements: Invite customers to the customer portal and the ability to use the Customer Portal without CentimePay. 

  • Benefit: The goal is to drive adoption of the Customer portal and drive payments. 

    • Invite customers to the portal to drive awareness.

    • Allow non-CentimePay customers to use the portal to facilitate communication and highlight the potential to pay online. 

  • Knowledge base article 

Default workflow for new customers

Module: Accounts Receivable >> Product theme: Communications automation and Collections prioritization and management >> Deliverable: Default workflow for new Customers

  • Summary of enhancement: Ability to automatically assign a workflow to new customers. 

  • Benefit: Streamline collections by ensuring every new customer synced to Centime is assigned to a designated workflow. 

    • This is especially important for B2C or relationships with infrequent invoicing.  

  • Note: The default workflow setting does not impact existing customers. For these cases, you can retain the control to manually assign workflows using the dedicated "Assign Workflow" tab. 

  • Knowledge base article 

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