Release v2.10 - New Features, Enhancements, & Fixes

Modified on Mon, 17 Apr 2023 at 08:30 AM

In this new release, Centime has added new features to provide a better experience to the users of Cash Flow Forecast and the Centime application.

New Features & Enhancements

Enhancement 1 : Enhancement in Cash Flow Forecast

Module : Monitor and Forecast Cash


Users can now select between weekly or monthly intervals to view the historical and forecasted transactions for a single cash flow source.

  1. In the Cash Flow Forecast solution, the User can drill down on any transaction in any view to a single source of cash flow. It can be a cash outflow or a cash inflow corresponding to a supplier or customer
  2. When the user drills down to the scatterplot view, the user can select the time period for the view from weekly or monthly intervals.
  3. The interval for the forecasted as well as historical transactions will change according to the selection.
  4. The table below each graph will show all the forecasts for the selected supplier or customer that contains predictions against a general ledger account, invoices from the general ledger, and any manual transactions that the user may have added.

Permission needed to access this feature:

Under the Monitor cash and forecast cash flow permissions settings in Manage users, users should have the following permission:

  • View the cash flow forecast

2 : New Feature

Module : Manage Receivables and Manage Payables


Users can now send emails to multiple recipients on their suppliers’ or customers’ teams for all relevant communications such as payment reminders, payment receipts or remittance notes, etc.

A. In Manage Receivables

  1. Users can now add multiple email addresses separated by a ‘comma ,’ to add multiple billing contacts for a customer. 
  2. All communications assigned to the customer such as automated reminders, statements, and one-off reminders will be sent to all the email addresses under ‘Primary Contact’ in the Customer side panel menu.

Permissions needed in Manage Receivables to access this feature:

  • Send one-time reminders against open invoices
  • Manage and send monthly Customer statements
  • Manage Customer profiles, preferences, and view history
  • Manage AR email and payment settings

B. In Manage Payables

  1. Users can now add multiple email addresses as primary contact for a Supplier. Additionally, Users can also add multiple contacts to notify the Supplier’s AR team of credit card enrollment and to receive remittance notes.
  2. To add multiple email addresses, Users will have to separate the addresses with a ‘comma’. Users can add email addresses under ‘Primary contact’  and ‘Email communication settings’ in the Supplier side panel menu and in ‘Enrollment contact email’ under the ‘Enroll’ menu.

Permission needed in Manage Payables to access this feature:

  • Manage supplier communications and payment settings
  • Manage AP email and payment settings

3 : New Feature

Module : Manage Payables


Users can now view the digital image of the check as sent to their Supplier for any invoice payment made by check in Manage payables

  1. Under the ‘Paid invoices’ tab in Manage Payables, Users can click on the ‘View check’ button against any invoice paid by check as the payment method.
  2. This enables the user to see the digital image of the check as sent to their Supplier.

Permission needed to access this feature:

Users must have access to Manage Payables to access this feature

If you want to know more about this release or the features, please contact our Customer Success team at

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