Payables Automation Workflows

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Summary: Reviews the payables automation workflows including invoice automation and payment automation. 

Permissions: Permissions will differ based on the task the users need to perform. Users can refer to payables automation permissions or review the linked articles for more information.

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Centime streamlines account payable activities through Invoice Automation and Payment Automation. These are two distinct processes that work together to automate your AP process end to end. 


Invoice Automation occurs on the Documents tab and the objective is to move the invoice through capture, coding, and approval before posting to the General Ledger. Once the invoice is posted, it moves over to the Unpaid Invoices tab where it will move through the Payment Automation process including payment approval, payment, and finally reconciliation to your GL. 

Invoice automation process

Invoice Automation occurs on the Documents tab in the Payables module. It consists of the following steps:

  1. Upload/Send invoice document into Centime
  2. The invoice captures based on supplier profile settings
  3. Invoice Review
  4. Send the invoice to the approver
  5. Approve, hold, or reject the invoice
  6. Post the invoice to the General Ledger

Many of these steps can be automated. Please review the linked articles for more information Once the invoice is posted, it will move over to the Unpaid Invoices tab for the Payment Automation workflow. 

Alternatively, if you need to pay an invoice outside of Centime (e.g. the invoice has to be paid in another currency), you can mark it as paid manually in Centime.

Invoice statuses 

Below is a list of the invoice statuses that occur during Invoice Automation and a description of why they may occur. 

Needs review
Invoice coding is incomplete
Needs approversInvoice coding is populated, but approvers are required and not set
Ready for approval
Coding and approvers are populated, but AP manager needs to save 
Awaiting approvalInvoice has been sent to the approver and it is awaiting action from them.
On hold
Invoice approver has put the invoice on hold.
Invoice approver has rejected the invoice
Ready to postInvoice has completed or bypassed approval and needs to be posted.

Payment automation process

Payment Automation occurs on the Unpaid Invoices tab in the Payables module. This process can be completed for invoices that were:

  • Created and posted in Centime
  • Created in the General Ledger

It consists of the following steps:

  1. Apply any discounts to the payment
  2. Apply credits to the payment
  3. Queue up the payment 
  4. Approve or reject the payment


Payment statuses

Ready to payThe invoice has been posted and is ready to begin the payment process.
Awaiting approvalThe payment is with the payment approvers awaiting approval
RejectedThe payment was rejected by the approver and needs to be recalled
ScheduledThe payment was approved and is scheduled to process on the date specified by the AP manager
PaidThe payment processed and has been marked as Paid by Centime
Paid in General LedgerThe payment was made in the General Ledger, not Centime

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