Manage Payables Dashboard

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Summary: This article covers the basics of the Manage Payables dashboard.

Permissions: Users must have access to Manage Payables to be able to access the dashboard. For Cash Impact graphs, they require the Assess the cash flow impact of payables permission.

Article Contains:

The Manage Payables dashboard is the landing page for the payables solution. It contains four tabs each of which contains multiple actions within.

  1. Suppliers
  2. Documents
  3. Unpaid Invoices
  4. Paid Invoices


The Suppliers tab lists all the Suppliers with open or recently paid invoices synced from General Ledger.

It shows the total number of open invoices, payment method, outstanding and overdue amount, payment terms, and card enrollment status.

Users can request non-card-accepting Suppliers to enroll for credit card payments using the 'Enroll' action. Users will have to add the email address of the Supplier (if not already defined in the Supplier profile)


The Documents tab is where all of the Invoice Automation occurs. Users can perform the following actions in Documents with the correct permissions:

  • Upload invoice documents
  • Code invoices
  • Send invoices for approval
  • Recall invoices
  • Approve/Hold/Reject invoices
  • Mark invoices as approved
  • Post invoices
  • Delete invoices

Unpaid Invoices

The Unpaid Invoices tab is where all of the Payment Automation occurs. Users can perform the following actions in Unpaid Invoices with the correct permissions:

  • Schedule/Make Payments
  • Approve Payments
  • Reject Payments
  • Recall Payments
  • Mark Invoices as Paid

Users can view their paid invoices and can post the paid invoices to their General Ledger.

Dashboard Graphs

AP Aging Graph

The aging graph displays the overdue amount distributed across an interval of 30 days. This enables the users to view the amounts due in 30 days, 60 days, etc to make payables decisions.

Users can click on the bar in any of the intervals to view corresponding invoices.

Cash Impact graphs

The cash impact graphs display the impact of the payables activities on the closing balance of the business. The Cash impact graphs display the cash outflows and inflows for the duration and the closing balance as the trend.

There are two cash impact graphs available to the users:

Cash Impact bars

Cash impact waterfall

When users schedule a payment, the outflow bar for the payment date and the corresponding adjustment to the closing balance is modified in the graph, enabling the user to view their cash status for the period.

Graph Permissions:

Permissions Title
Cash Impact barsAssess the cash flow impact of payables
Cash Impact waterfallManage Payables:
Assess the cash flow impact of payables

Manage Receivables:
Assess the cash flow impact of receivables

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