Invoice Capture, Creation, and Editing

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Summary:  This article reviews the how to create and edit an invoice in Centime.

Permissions: Manage Payables: upload, process, and code documents

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What's Invoice Capture?

Centime uses a best-in-class Gen AI model to extract relevant data from any printed or handwritten invoice document that you email or upload into the system. Currently, JPEG, PDF, and PNG file formats are supported.

There are two different types of Invoice Capture:

  1. Line-Level capture (the default) captures each individual line including quantities and costs (when applicable). Invoice lines can be coded individually.
  2. Aggregate capture takes the total amounts of all your invoice lines and combines them into one expense line which can then be coded.

The invoice capture type can be modified for individual suppliers on the Supplier Profile.

What Captures?

Both header and line level datapoints are capture from the source document. 

  • Lines without an associated quantity value are categorized and displayed as expenses.
  • Lines with an associated quantity value will be categorized and displayed as items.

Header-level fields captured

  • Supplier
  • Invoice number
  • Invoice date
  • Due date
  • Currency

Please note that invoice numbers have character limits.

  • QuickBooks Online: 21 characters
  • QuickBooks Desktop: 20 characters
  • NetSuite: 45 characters

Supplier identification

The system will attempt to automatically match the supplier name from the captured document with a supplier in the GL. If this is unsuccessful (usually because the names differ), the supplier name will have to be selected manually, and the system will remember the association going forward.

Accounts payable account

The Accounts Payable account is the AP liability account in your General Ledger that you want to post the invoice to. This populates from the global document settings.

Expense fields captured

  • Line Description
  • Amount

Line item fields captured

  • Line Description
  • Quantity
  • Rate
  • Amount (calculated from quantity x rate)

Auto coding

Centime's auto coding will attempt to predict header and line level coding based on similar invoices previously processed in Centime. See our auto coding article for more detail.

Editing an invoice

Once an invoice has complete capture, it can be editing by AP Managers, who are primarily responsible for adding any required fields and coding. Both the fields displayed and fields required can be configured in the Settings>Payables>Invoice Fields.

From the Invoice Summary tab, users have access to update any and all captured or missing fields.

Coding Tab

The coding tab provides a more robust toolset for any manual coding that is needed. Full visibility into the source document and line-item detail, coupled with powerful features like bulk edits and keyboard navigation allow you to quickly complete coding, even for long, complex invoices.


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