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Summary: This article reviews the ways in which you can send an invoice for approval. Please note that approval notifications can take up to 15 minutes to appear in an approver's email inbox. 

Payables permission: Upload, process, and code documents

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Invoices will need to go through invoice approval when the global invoice approval threshold is exceeded. This is done once coding attributes have been completed either through automation or manual entry. 

There are three scenarios that exist for sending invoices to approvers:

  1. Manual: There is no approval policy in place and you have to manually add an invoice approver to the invoice
  2. Partially Automated: An approval policy is in place and triggers, but the coding is not automated or you do not have auto-send to approvers enabled so you must save the invoice to send it
  3. Fully Automated: An approval policy is in place, the coding is automated, and you have auto-send to approvers enabled in Document Settings

Manual Send for Approval

If an invoice policy is not defined, the status of the invoice will be 'Needs approvers' and approvers can be assigned ad-hoc. If the status is 'then the document must be reviewed and coded before you can populate approvers. To assign an approver, navigate to the document viewer by clicking on the document icon.

Click on the Approvals tab.

Here users can identify first, second, and third-level approvers for the invoice. The drop-down list will have names of existing Centime users with the permission to approve invoices. 

You can save the invoice at any time and any coding and approval changes will be saved. When you are ready to send the invoice for approval, click the Invoice Actions button on the top right and click Send for Approval. 

If the invoice details are coded and you populate approvers, you can select "Send for approval" and the invoice will immediately route to the selected approvers.

To add a new user as an Invoice approver, refer to the section at the end of this article. 

Partially Automated Approval

Partial automation occurs when the following is true:

When the above conditions are true, the approvers will auto-populate in the Approvals tab and the status will be 'Ready for approval.' To send an invoice for approval, click on the 'Send for approval' action in the Documents tab. Invoices with the status 'Ready for approval' and 'Rejected' will be displayed. 

Select the desired invoices and click Confirm. The invoices will now be sent for approval and will have the status 'Awaiting approval.'

You can also send an invoice for approval by clicking into the invoice document and using the Invoice Actions button while working in the invoice. 

Fully Automated Approval

Fully automated approval occurs when the following conditions are met:

When these conditions are met, an invoice can be automatically captured and sent to an invoice approver within moments of uploading an invoice. When this occurs, the status will be 'Awaiting approval.' If you need to make any changes to the invoice, you can always recall it


Add a New Approver

In the even that your approver does not exist within the system, you can add them from the document viewer. 

Select 'Add new approver' from the Approvals tab.  

Enter the user's first name, last name, and email address. 

Once this information is submitted, users can assign invoices to the new invoice approver.

If you want this approver to be part of an invoice approval policy for the future, be sure to add them to a policy.

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